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Spice Up your Practice Workshop with Kim & Anna, August 2019

Do you regularly attend classes for all levels and want to add more spice to your practice?
In this workshop we will look at different techniques and advanced variations of yoga poses to intensify the energy and focus on the mat.

  • Sunday, August 11th 2019, 11.00-13.00 h
  • Location: Niyama, Falknerstrasse 35, 4001 Basel
  • Price: CHF 50
  • in German
  • Information and registration: or
  • Download Flyer

Sabine Broghammer @ Niyama, August 23th and 24th 2019

Detox and relax

  • Friday, August 23th 2019, 18.00-19.30 hrs
  • Price: CHF 40

Auyrveda Single Coaching

Learn which Dosha type you are (Vata, Pitta, Kapha) and what you can pay attention to (e.g. regarding your diet) to increase your well-being.

  • Saturday, August 24th, 2019
  • Price: CHF 100 (session of 60 minutes)

Sabine Broghammer is an experienced Kundalini yoga teacher and Ayurveda therapist, you can find more info about her on her website:
Registration for the Kundalini Detox lesson and appointment for an Ayurveda individual coaching with Sabine at Regula:

Better than Espresso Week with Anna, August 2019

Activate your life energy!
Start the day with an energizing morning practice for body and mind and feel the magic. Let the Prana flow.

  • Monday, August 26th 2019 until Friday, August 30th 2019, each from 6.45 – 8.00 h
  • Location: Niyama, Falknerstrasse 35, 4001 Basel
  • Price: CHF 110 / 90 for students / 65 with unlimited subscriptions
  • in Germanh
  • Informations und registration:, +41 79 586 27 82

Yoga Basic Workshop with Anna and Kim, September 2019

Are you curious about yoga? Do you want to develop strength and flexibility in your body? Do you want to relax and find relaxation? Just try it ….
This workshop is for yoga beginners and those, who want to deepen the understanding of their practice. In addition to practicing different yoga poses and getting to know simple flowing sequences, you will also get an initial insight into the yoga philosophy. Kim and Anna are teaching the workshop together, which means individual support and corrections are guaranteed.

  • Friday, September 6th 2019, 18.00-20.00 h
  • Location: Niyama, Falknerstrasse 35, 4001 Basel
  • Price: CHF 50 / CHF 40 with Niyama abo
  • in German
  • Information and registration: or
  • Download the flyer here

Niyama Yoga Teacher Training with Regula, Anna & Kim, November 2019

The next Niyama Yoga Teacher Training (RYT200, recognized by the Yoga Alliance) will start in November 2019 and end in June 2020 and will be held mainly on the weekends.

  • Teacher: Regula Guldimann(E-RYT500), Anna Kiyhankhadiv (RYT500) and Kim Giaquinto (RYT500)
  • Location: Niyama Studio, Falknerstrasse 35, 4001 Basel
  • Price: CHF 4400
  • More information here
  • For more information please contact Regula:

New: Niyama T-Shirts

New there are T-Shirts in the Studio Niyama Yoga available. The T-shirts are eco friendly.
The 5 niyamas are printed on the T-shirts

  • Sauca – purity
  • Santosha – satisfaction
  • Tapas – self-discipline, heat
  • Swadhyaya – self reflection, self study
  • Ishvara Pranidhana – dedication, trust
  • Colors: black, white, grey, beige
  • Available for woman and men
  • Price: CHF 28

If you currently have an annual subscription, then you get a T-shirt for free.

Yoga videos with Regula

We offer Niyama Yoga videos for the practice at home, on the road on business trips or on vacation.
Currently there are 8 videos available in German or in English:

  • New: Strengthen your center: Core and Back, German, approx. 35 min.
  • New: Yoga for the whole body, German, approx. 35 min.
  • New: Detox Yoga, English, approx. 60 min.
  • New: Strength, English, approx. 60 min.
  • Hip opening, German, approx. 60 min.
  • Shoulder opening, German, approx. 60 min.
  • Backbends, German, approx. 60 min.
  • Twists, German, approx. 60 min.

Price per video: CHF 15 / CHF 10 for the 35-minute videos; if you have at least a 3 month abo, then the videos are for free

Order the videos with Regula: