Our classes


Niyama is located in the heart of Basel. We offer power yoga, yoga, yin yoga and pilates classes as well as personal trainings. For us it is important to create a calm and serene atmosphere that allows you to discover the benefits and joy of our classes. Our schedule is open and flexible, that means all classes can be attended without reservation, also when you take a class for the first time. When you take your first class at Niyama, please be at the studio at least 10 minutes before class starts. Our classes are for healthy adults. Niyama is a Yoga Alliance registered Yoga school. Yoga Alliance is international the biggest and most famous Yoga Organisation.

Power yoga

Power yoga originated in the USA in the eighties. It is a form of yoga that comprises elements from ashtanga vinyasa yoga that address the needs of modern man in Western civilization. Building strength, balance, and stretching are combined in an efficient body and mind training. In our power yoga classes we combine yoga poses – asanas – into a dynamic flow that is in synch with your breathing. Your body gains strength in a healthy way. At the same time your balance, flexibility, and mindfulness are improved. Regular practice increases your vitality, energy level, and satisfaction. We offer power yoga classes for different levels of experience.


Yoga can be translated with unity or harmony. Yoga is a philosophy from India that comprises physical and spiritual exercises. For more than a hundred years the benefits of yoga have been known in the West: the harmony of body, mind, and breath. The physical exercises, called asanas, promote strength, flexibility, stamina, balance, and inner peace. Our yoga classes focus mainly on the physical aspects which are supplemented by breathing and meditation exercises.

Yin yoga

Yin Yoga is a quiet exercise style that balances the more yang-oriented, active and powerfully executed yoga styles such as Power Yoga, Vinyasa Flow or Ashtanga Yoga. The practice leads to a deep relaxation, inner peace and at the same time has a clarifying and energizing effect on the body and mind. In Yin Yoga, the positions are held for a very long time (3-5 minutes), which stretches the body intensively but not on the muscles, but rather on the deeper layers (like the fascia), the connective tissue, the ligaments, the tendons and the joints works. Most positions are performed while sitting or lying down and the area between the knees and the thoracic spine is particularly addressed. This form of yoga is suitable for all levels (beginner to advanced). Yin-Yoga completes every yoga practice and is also recommended in combination with sports such as jogging, fitness, etc.


Pilates is an effective whole body workout to strengthen your muscles. Pilates poses are done with mindfulness, precision and in harmony with your breathing. The focus is to build a strong core. Therefore, not only superficial but also the deep muscles close to your spine are strengthened. The spine becomes more stable and flexible, you improve your posture and body perception. Back pain and tensions are prevented. Our pilates classes are open for all levels of experience as the difficulty of the exercises can be adjusted to your individual needs by different variations of the poses.

Pilates 50+

This class is for people older than 50. With special variations of pilates exercises, your body is strengthened and stretched in a healthy way. By training your deep muscles close to your spine, your spine will become more stable and flexible. Back pain and tensions are prevented and your posture and body awareness are improved. Regular practice increases your vitality, energy, and satisfaction.

Class levels

– All levels: these classes are open for everyone. The level of difficulty can be adjusted to your individual needs by different variations of the poses we go through.
– Intermediate/advanced: for these classes you need some experience in yoga/power yoga or pilates.
– On the class schedule you can find the different levels mentioned.


For questions please do not hesitate to contact Regula Guldimann: +41 76 562 38 21 or rg@niyama-yoga.ch.