Niyama Yoga +300-hours Advanced Yogalehrer-Ausbildung 2017/2018

A truly transformative 14-months journey to help you build the life you dream of as a yoga teacher and beyond

Martin Becker Regula YogaAlliance
Martin Becker Regula Guldimann  


The Journey & Dates More than just another teacher training – this program will empower you to take your vision to the next level – our goal is to help you to activate your full potential and give you the practical tools to make it happen

  • Aug 26, 2017 – Nov 11, 2018
  • 14 week-end workshops: Saturdays 13:00 – 19:00 + Sundays 09:00 – 19:00 – If you cannot attend on one of the week-ends: we offer alternative dates in April 2017 and July 2017 to make up for the time missed
  • 2 intensive weeks Monday – Friday 09:00 – 17:00
      • 2017
        • Aug 26-27
        • Sep 16-17
        • Oct 14-15
        • Nov 11-12
        • Dec 09-10
      • 2018
        • Jan 13-19 (intensive week)
        • Feb 10-11
        • Mar 10-11
        • May 19-27 (intensive week)
        • Jun 23-24
        • Aug 18-19
        • Sep 15-16
        • Oct 13-14
        • Nov 10-11
        • After that, free choice of date for you final exam
        • If you cannot attend on one of the week-ends: we offer alternative dates in April 2018 and July 2018 to make up for the time missed
Content Find your vision and make it happen – live your Yoga

  • This is all about YOU: you want to teach more and make yoga a larger part of your life? You want to deepen your knowledge of anatomy and how to apply it to your teaching? You want to start teaching workshops and retreats? You want to improve how to sequence your classes for different target audiences? You want to deepen your skills in hands-on adjustments? You want to focus on how to teach private sessions to individual clients? You want to learn more about yoga philosophy and how to apply it? You are interested in learning more about chanting, pranayama and meditation?
  • Throughout the program we use state of the art training methods and technologies to tailor the content to the individual needs of the students rather than unloading the same content to everybody
  • Most importantly, you will get monthly assignments that help and encourage you to incorporate more and more of what you learn in the teacher training into your teaching and your life – in a way that makes sense to you

Real-life teaching experience during the program

  • During the program we will expose you to real-life teaching opportunities either in Basel, Switzerland and/or internationally if you are interested – some of these assignments will be paid, so you can earn part of the trainings costs during the program!
  • You will also have the opportunity – if appropriate – to participate as co-teachers in our 200-hour Yoga teacher training that runs in parallel with the 300-hour advanced training so you gain experience in mentoring and teaching other yoga teachers.
  • We will give you real-life clients for one-on-one yoga sessions to practice how to put together programs tailored to the needs of individuals

The student-teacher relationship

  • Once you start teaching more, there is often a fundamental change in the student-teacher relationship – instead of teaching a yoga class here and there some times a week, you become slowly more of a reference point for your students.
  • This change in the teacher-student relationship often requires you to rethink your approach regarding which classes you teach, the content of your classes, what you offer in addition to regular yoga classes,  and how you interact with students (and how not)
  • We provide you with a framework and practical tools to build healthy student-teacher relationships and become more of a companion on your students‘ path beyond teaching a yoga class

Advanced studies in anatomy, biomechanics, kinesiology, yoga philosophy, pranayama and meditation

  • Yoga is 99% practice, 1% theory. You will learn mostly by doing – we promise!
  • Throughout the entire 12-months program you will deepen your understanding of these areas by applying them, using them, experiencing them in your own body and your own life – we strongly believe that you can only speak about something with authority if you have experienced it yourself
  • This means we will stimulate your curiosity and encourage you to explore these topics in a practical way – you will get weekly assignments in each of these topics, consisting of reading materials, videos, practical exercises, self-reflections and questions for you to answer – the results of which you can integrate immediately into your teaching.
  • A word on anatomy: this part of the teacher training might change your view of the human body quite dramatically. It is probably fair to say the the science of Kinesiology, biomechanics, as well as Tom Myers work on Anatomy Trains (fascia) is starting to revolutionise the way yoga teachers look at and teach asana. We will introduce you to the latest, up-to-date research and – most importantly – you will learn how to integrate this in how you teach asana immediately. Part of the anatomy module will also be insights from yoga therapy and we will provide you with practical tools that you can use to understand the risks and benefits of the yoga poses that you are teaching and what you need to know to guide students safely.
  • You will learn a comprehensive framework that explains and integrates yoga philosophy with the physical practice into a practical tool that can be your roadmap on your path as a yoga teacher and helps you to support your students in their progress.
  • Our reading lists will keep you busy when you’re lying on the beach 🙂 This will take you deep into the roots of yoga and the ancient wisdom of the  masters – we have some books on our reading list that we think will completely knock you out of your socks and change the way you look at yoga philosophy
  • Also included: a full Yin Yoga teacher training.

Create, innovate, broaden your perspective

  • You will get practice and study assignments to get to know different styles of yoga – from Kundalini to Bhakti Yoga
  • We will provide you an environment where you can create, experiment and innovate – develop your own style and test things out in a safe an supportive environment.
  • CHF 5’270 regular price; CHF 500 upon registration, rest due June 30, 2017.
  • CHF 4’970 early bird registration until April 30, 2017; CHF 500 upon registration, rest due June 30, 2017.
  • Includes binder with training materials, excludes prices for books
  • Payment plans available upon request  – talk to us in case you cannot pay the entire amount in one payment
Max. participants
  • 5
  • Our goal is to provide a fun and personalized learning experience. Therefore, number of participants is max. 5. Applicants will be selected based on fulfilment of requirements and fit into the group.
  • 200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training (any style)
  • YogaAlliance registration
  • A recent photo of you alone (full body shot).
  • Deposit of CHF 500, which will be applied toward tuition if accepted and refunded if not accepted (less a processing fee of CHF 50).

Main teachers:

International guest teacher:

  • For special topics we will invite international guest teachers
Language English & German