Niyama Yoga & Pilates in Basel

Niyama Yoga & Pilates Studio

Niyama, Studio for Yoga & Pilates, is located in the city centre, at Falknerstrasse 35 in Basel. We offer vinyasa yoga, power yoga, yin yoga and pilates classes as well as workshops, retreats and yoga teacher trainings.

Practice in our beautiful and bright studio with professional teachers. Its important to us to create an open and relaxed atmosphere to make you feel safe and welcome.


We are very happy to be able to open the studio again in accordance with regulations of the Federal Office for Sport (BASPO). Classes will be held in the studio. Please register through the calendar (see below) because spots are limited.

Most classes take also place online via Zoom. You find the Zoom schedule below.

New COVID regulations valid from Monday, October 19 2020

From Monday, October 19 2020, please wear a mask in the entry of the studio and in the changing rooms for the protection of the group. As soon as you are on your mat, you can take off the mask. That means we can still do the training without the masks. We will make sure, that we ventilate the rooms with fresh air before and also during the classes. You can bring a sweater and socks to class.

For further protection, we will reduce the number of people in the rooms, max. 16 in room 1 and 12 in room 2, plus the teacher.

Please use the hand sanitizer when you enter the studio. You will find it at the entry. There is also sanitizer for the mats. You could bring your own mat to the studio if you feel safer that way. We have space for private mats so you can leave it it the studio.

We are very happy that we are still able to do the classes with you, in the studio or via Zoom.

Thanks a lot for your support!!!!

New Zoom Schedule

Next Monday, October 26, we will add more classes to the Zoom Schedule.

Registration Studio

You can download and print out studio class schedules here.

Prices (Studio)
To the yoga and pilates classes in the studio apply normal prices and abos.

Live Stream Classes with Zoom

You can download and print out Zoom class schedules here.

Prices (Zoom)
– Price per class: CHF 10 – 20 (within this price range you decide, how much you can pay)
– Weekly pass for Zoom: CHF 50 / 35 (for students)
– Monthly pass for Zoom: CHF 160 / 120 (for students)

Please pay via e-banking or TWINT:

IBAN: CH37 0483 5098 3352 1000 0
Bank: Crédit Suisse Basel
Regula Guldimann, 4057 Basel

TWINT: Regula Guldimann, 076 562 38 21 (if TWINT doesn’t work, please pay via e-banking, thanks a lot!)

Unbelievable, but: Niyama will be 10 in 2020!!!

We celebrate with 10 smaller and bigger events, surprises and gifts throughout the year. Find out more here.

Yoga weekend with Regula and Sabine in the Black Forest, May 2021

Sold out, please let me know if you would like to be on a waiting list.

In May 2021 the Yoga Weekend will take place again in the beautiful and quiet Haus Hollerbühl in the Black Forest.

– Thursday, May 6th, 2021 (beginning 18.00) until Sunday, May 9th, 2021 (end approx. 11.00)
– Location: Haus Hollerbühl, Schmalenberg 20, 79875 Dachsberg, Germany
– Price in single room: CHF 554
– Price in double room: CHF 498
– The price includes 3 nights incl. half board (large brunch buffet and dinner) and yoga class
– Information and registration:

Niyama T-Shirts

New there are T-Shirts in the Studio Niyama Yoga available. The T-shirts are eco friendly.

The 5 niyamas are printed on the T-shirts:
– Sauca – purity
– Santosha – satisfaction
– Tapas – self-discipline, heat
– Swadhyaya – self reflection, self study
– Ishvara Pranidhana – dedication, trust

– Colors: black, white, grey, beige
– Available for woman and men
– Price: CHF 28